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The Woolly Spoon


Husband and wife. Carving, knitting, hiking, Illawarra based🌿

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The life cycle of a hot water bottle cover, from yarn cake to WIP to finished project to well-loved member of the family 🍂🍁❄️
“When despair for the world grows in me  and I wake in the night at the least sound  in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be,  I go and lie down where the wood drake  rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.  I come into the peace of wild things  who do not tax their lives with forethought  of grief. I come into the presence of still water.  And I feel above me the day-blind stars  waiting with their light. For a time  I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”
“Tell them stories. They need the truth. You must tell them true stories, and everything will be well, just tell them stories.” I had the most wonderful surprise this long weekend, a box from @littletreemother as part of a swap we organised. I knitted Erin a merino hot water bottle cover, but I had no idea what would be in the box she sent me in return. When I opened it the room filled with the most unimaginably gorgeous aromas - lavender, mugwort, a hint of beeswax. As I unpacked each lovingly packed little item, I was overcome with gratitude. There was a handmade hemp coiled basket, a salve made from homegrown calendula and yarrow and foraged plantain, handmade soap and face cleanser, a beeswax candle rolled by Willow, a mugwort and lavender smudge stick, a scarf from a local yarn shop decorated with a sheep pattern and destined to be my constant companion. And what made it all the more special was a letter (on the most glorious paper imaginable) that told the story behind every single thing, from where flowers grew to how they were transformed into magical soaps and salves. Thank you Erin, for the incredible surprise, and for the reminder that when we make things we’re also making stories.
It’s easy to rush breakfast most mornings, but transforming meals into rituals is one of the best ways to start the day. Slow breakfast with handmade bowls and spoons (and tea mug). Enjoying the cooler weather, the rain, the woolly socks.  How do you eat your porridge? Rohan is a strong apple and cinnamon with maple syrup fan, but I prefer the brown sugar and poached pear with some vanilla.
I can’t believe how good he is getting 😍all done with an axe and a knife (well, a few knives), no power tools.
Autumn at last 🍂  Pumpkin soup gently cooking away in the slow cooker, the kettle boiling to allow calming herbs to be steeped, and a little merino wool creation finally dry from the sun ready to be posted off.  This hot water bottle is soon to be headed across the other side of the country, where sunsets occur over the ocean instead of land, and where little fairies play in the magic of the earth 💛  As much as I love selfishly knitting for myself, I love knitting for others even more. Let me know if you’d ever like to do a trade or purchase anything. I work full time in a job that unfortunately takes up a lot of my energy, so turnaround isn’t fast, but you will receive an authentic and love filled item ✨
Hiking with you (and your coffee filled Kuksa) is one of my favourite things ☺️
Eating spoons ... Pocket spoons ... Serving spoons
“It’s dark because you are trying too hard.  Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.  Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.  Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.  I was so preposterously serious in those days, such a humorless little prig.  Lightly, lightly – it’s the best advice ever given me.  When it comes to dying even. Nothing ponderous, or portentous, or emphatic.  No rhetoric, no tremolos,  no self conscious persona putting on its celebrated imitation of Christ or Little Nell.  And of course, no theology, no metaphysics.  Just the fact of dying and the fact of the clear light.  So throw away your baggage and go forward.  There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet,  trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair.  That’s why you must walk so lightly.  Lightly my darling,  on tiptoes and no luggage,  not even a sponge bag,  completely unencumbered.” - Aldous Huxley
“Love isn’t what you say. Love is what you do”
Feeling completely justified in casting this beautiful hot water bottle cover on today. What a weekend: finished three WIPs (Rohan’s engagement jumper - from over three years ago, dad’s birthday present, and mum’s Mother’s Day present) and only cast on one project.  This special piece will be flying across the country in a few short weeks. I love how the muted golden brown colours work so well with navy, white, and almost every surface I place it against. What epic yarn! Each stitch working with my breath, rhythmic and meditative, slow and intentional. Love in so many ways ✨  Happy long weekend (and Easter for those who celebrate).
The hint of autumn was in the wind today. I can imagine wood fires slowly burning, wool piled up in a basket, and the sound of timber being carved into a spoon 🍂
✨ His spoons have completely stolen my heart. I actually dislike eating with anything else now.
After a few weeks of feeling such positive thoughts, coping with life and work a bit better, and creating a plan with psychologist to visit every two weeks now, not weekly (happy, happy Jess!!), the past few days have been a major struggle. Lots of dark, negative thoughts snaking through my body, shaking me right up and leaving me not feeling my strongest little self. I had today off work for a few reasons, this being just one. My sister called, we spent an hour chatting, and she told me of her new job. I’m so beyond excited for her and all the determination she has put in for her career, at only 21. She amazes me. . . The part of the day I didn’t spend sleeping was spent upcycling an old store-bought woollen jumper, winding into balls of yarn to repurpose. This gentle unwinding has helped restore my ethical soul. The jumper will now have a new life as socks, hot water bottle covers, possibly a few beanies too. You really can’t do better than 100% wool, especially in a deep charcoal colour. This is my first time doing this, and I think it is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I’m trying to learn to live with my values better, not just hide them inside. I really don’t want to contribute any more to landfill, especially with ‘disposable’ fashion. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. If you already own it and don’t love it, repurpose it. Slow fashion = sustainable, ethical, intentional, gentle. Be kind to yourself, be kind to the earth ✨
I’m teaching the Vikings at school at the moment, so Rohan made me a kuksa, translated one of my favourite quotes into Old Norse, and kolrosed it around the outside in Younger Futhark runes. . . . #themountainsarecallingandimustgo  #kuksa  #vikings
Woolly goodness ✨🐶 Without realising the meaning behind this particular pattern, my sister picked this pattern in these colours for me to make for her 21st birthday. Afmæli translates to birthday 🎁
The best lunch we’ve eaten all year.  It wasn’t the pumpkin soup that made it either.
I’ve been playing around with some naturally dyed merino (dyed by the amazing @timberandtwine.co) over the past week. I know winter is over four months away, but I’m so keen for the weather to get cold and my toes to be hugged by merino goodness!