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Under the sea? More like “under the umbrella,” am I right? Anyone? Hello? Is this this on....?
🚨New FOMO Promo items! Added a bunch of desk, wall, and pop-up calendars to the FOMO promos section. Visit my shop to see ‘em all (link is in my bio!).
Picked up this scary cute Monsters Inc. notebook this week for some subscribers. I love how stylized the art is. Makes me wish the whole movie looked like this!
Even baddies get boo-boos. Luckily, they have bandaids for that. 😂
Here’s some of the FOMO Promo items I have up on my shop right now, including the super rad Roger Rabbit badge holder. Soooo love that movie. Isn’t it the best? . Oh, and that Watermelon/grapefruit headband is discounted, too! Find ‘em on my shop (link is in my bio!).
This Tsum Tsum folder is sweet like sugar. Don’t ya agree?
Here we go! It’s the finals of the Couples Clash tournament. And what a finals it is. We got Team Mermaid going against Team Tangled. Who’s gonna win? Hmm... I dunno! But it’ll be close, I’m sure! Vote in my IG story or in the comments.
クラリス! Since moving to Japan, Clarice has easily become my new favorite character. Her merch is rare, but always appreciated. Especially when I see her super fans at the park. Anyone else dig Clarice?
🚨New FOMO Promo items! Added a random bunch of items this week. My Favorite is the Alice in Wonderland toy tea set. So rad! I got more stuff listed on my shop, so you can find everything in the FOMO Promos section (link is in my bio).
Now here is where things get interesting! In our last semifinals, we have one of our toughest matchups pitting Team Beauty vs. Team Tangled. I wonder who’s gonna win? Not sure, but I’m going with Team Beauty. 🌹 . Results for the first semis were pretty obvious: Team Mermaid won. But I don’t think Ariel & Eric are gonna have it so easy against the winner here. . As always, vote in my IG story or in the comments.
LAST CHANCE to buy! Taking the Cherry Blossom ears and Mickey Burger Badge off my shop in a few hours, so if you want ‘em get ‘em before they’re gone!
Spotted these Disney-themed yogurts today. Which one do u wanna nom? Mickey blueberry for me!
We’re down to the final 4! In our first semifinals matchup, we have Team Mermaid vs. Team Sleep. Gee, I wonder who’s gonna win this one. 🤣 . Speaking of (obvious) winners, Team Tangled had no trouble beating Team Aladdin. But I don’t think Rapunzel & Flynn are going to have it so easy in their semifinal matchup against Team Beauty. 😅 . As always, vote in my IG story or in the comments!
I kinda love these bizarro Mickey and Pluto journals. Which one do you like better? Not a fan of the mustard yellow, but I love minimalist Pluto and mini Mickey. The art on the right is just, uh, weird. But that’s what makes it charming. 😆
🚨New FOMO Promo items! Added some awesome bath towels to spruce up your bathroom. Swipe 👈🏼 to see ‘em all!. . As always, find ‘em in the FOMO Promos section of my shop (link is in my bio!).
Last quarter final matchup! This one is against Team Tangled and Team Aladdin. I think I know who’s gonna win this one. 😆 Winner faces Belle & Beast in the quarterfinals. Should be interesting! . In our last matchup, Aurora and Prince Phillip took the victory over Cinderella. She now faces Ariel in the semi-finals. I think Ariel’s got that one. . Vote in my IG story or in the comments!!
Even stamps are cute in Japan. Spotted these at my local post office after I shipped out a bunch of mailers. Which set would you choose to your send your mail?
Here’s some of those sweet 2019 schedule books I picked up today before I shipped ‘em out a few hours later. 😆 . BTW: Added a new non-Disney ones earlier. Check ‘em out in the FOMO Promos section on my shop (link is in my bio!).