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My wife @lynzskate had a chance to fly @art15pilotx heli for the opening sequence of #actionfiuresthemovie .. and I got to jump out. @nitrocircus @brimstonerec @polarisrzr @yokohamatire @sonycrackle check out the rest of this sneak peek on facebook and the original action figures on #sonycrackle
Kevin Windham bet me a motorcycle that I couldn’t make it across the pond on @trevorpiranha ‘s 3 wheeler.. I made it all the way to land.. does this count? @nitrocircus #actionfiguresthemovie
For the rest of this sneak peak for #actionfiguresthemovie 2 go to my facebook page. Super stoked to show you some of the craziness that went down. Full video available on @sonycrackle June28th! @nitrocircus @polarisrzr @wienerschnitzel @brimstonerec @yokohamatire @harrybink
The Action Figures 2 teaser is up on my facebook page now! The original #actionfiguresthemovie is available for free to download on @sonycrackle Link for the original film in bio. @brimstonerec @yokohamatire @nitrocircus @polarisrzr @kevlarbrand @wienerschnitzel @blackriflecoffee @uncleronnie69 @jtarticle15 @srtusa
The opening for #actionfiguresthemovie 2 is going to be crazy. Stoked to show you the sneak peek of the film dropping tomorrow morning! @brimstonerec @yokohamatire @polarisrzr #merica🇺🇸 @nitrocircus
Pet cow feeding time with #kevinwindham and @brandonschmidt92 @nitrocircus
Huge thanks to @polarisrzr and everyone who came out to have some fun in the desert with @trevor.jacob and the @nitrocircus crew at @gkcfest @brandonschmidt92 has been sending it so big all year. Glad your still in one piece bud. Sneak peek of #actionfiguresthemovie 2 dropping tomorrow! So stoked to show you guys a taste of what we’ve been working on. #teamyokohama @wienerschnitzel
Made it to #kevinwindhams to film the opening for #actionfiguresthemovie 2. So stoked on this film. The first trailer is dropping Monday at 8am eastern time. Can’t wait for you guys to see what we’ve been up to the past year. @nitrocircus @kevlarbrand @yokohamatire @blackriflecoffee @polarisrzr #subaru @wildmikespizza @wienerschnitzel
Epic day one start here at my buddy @trevor.jacob ‘s annual #gkcfest !! @brandonschmidt92 @gavgodfrey @kurtisdowns #jimyork @polarisrzr @blackriflecoffee @blackfeatherwhiskey @nitrocircus @deepeddyvodka
When the man who always made sure I had a new bike for #lorettalynnmx nationals even when we couldn’t afford to pay him.. who always made sure I had a track to ride and a place to stay as an amateur.. asks me to get off the couch and ride an event at his track, @pleasure_valley_raceway later this year.. I couldn’t say no. See you guys October 19-21 at my old stomping grounds for some fun and a chance to win some big cash. #2stroke #jeffcernic #theman #gameon ・・・ Pleasure Valley Raceway will host it's Largest event ever !  The Cernics Cycle World Suzuki #rmarmy Travis Pastrana #prochallenge Presented by Freedom Ford  Plus the American Motorcyclist Association PAMX Association Fly Racing #pennsylvania State Motocross #championship $19,199 Pro Purse Open A $10,199  250 Allstar $4,000 125cc Allstar $2,000 +40A $1,000 +30A $1,000 Quad A $1,000  Plus all Trophy Classes 4' Trophy Weekend  October 19-20-21 Friday October 19 Open Practice  Saturday Moto 1 Saturday Night TP199 Pit Bike Championship Moto Bing Haunted Hay Ride and Much More  Sunday Moto 2 Champions Crowned  Can't wait for this event stay tuned to the pvrmx.com web site and right here on facebook @nitrocircus
It wasn’t an easy task getting that @bagjump to the top of the 1/4 but I can’t wait to see what type of video game tricks @rwillyofficial pulls out of his pocket! @nitrocircus @xgames #willygotaninvite @kevlarbrand @yokohamatire @redbull
Testing the newly designed @bagjump @nitrocircus #nextlevel moto ramp.. @brandonschmidt92 wanted to try the head bonk front flip method on bmx 😂👍