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Taylor Williams


Licensed Horticulturist & Owner of @WillGardenLLC. Photos by me. Blog:

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#repost @longuevuehg with @get_repost ・・・ Join local horticulturist and bonsai enthusiast Taylor Williams and Longue Vue for a wire bonsai tree-making workshop. Create a beautiful bonsai piece you can take home - no watering required! Link in profile. **This Sunday!  Tickets still available online!!
About 2&1/2 years ago I limbed up this Loropetalum chinense, pruned back hard, & wired to direct some of the growth.  Really pleased with the results.  Working with this plant’s natural push toward a tree form has made all the difference.  Before it was forced into a shrub form and had to be sheared constantly.  Now maintenance is low and visual interest has increased.  Work with the plant.  #ambitionwithoutknowledgeislikeaboatondryland #loropetalum #horticulture #arboriculture
@eldawg504 and my nephew Dutchie #pup #dogsofinstagram #family
Posing with an Agave bloom spike.  Keep in mind I’m 6’4” 📸 @besserleigh
🚨 Parasitic Wasps have moved in!  The white structures are actually cocoons of Cotesia congregata (Braconid Wasp). It all started with a female laying eggs beneath the skin of this Hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata). Eggs turned into larvae hatched inside the caterpillar.  After feeding from within, immature wasps pushed through skin of its weakened host and began to pupate.  Soon a healthy population of adults will emerge.  That pretty much guarantees my tomatoes with be pest free.  Feel bad for the little guy though.  #entomology #braconidwasp #tomatohornworm
Monarch time on a native Milkweed.  Purchased this plant during the Native Plant Conference at @bbgardens.  Plant *native Milkweeds!  #asclepias #danausplexippus #savethemonarchs
Blossom end rot has been a real pain 🤬#ediblegarden #tomatoes #blossomendrot
Look closely 👀 @besserleigh found an Asian Lady Beetle at @armstrongpark.  This antique rose fell apart as she went to smell it and behold 🐞 #beetle #entomology #harmoniaaxyridis
One of many pics from American Aquatic Gardens Saturday with @besserleigh #marigny #followyournola #aquaticplants
Mimosa strigillosa (Sensitive Plant) captures imagination and awakens the inner child in most.  Spotted these on the river side of the levee before a Sunday stroll through the Batture.  #sensitiveplant #wildflowers #nativeplants
Glad I caught those Hornworms before my tomatoes got destroyed.  #tomato #fruit #ediblegarden
Five-spotted hawk moth (Manduca quinquemaculata) AKA Tomato Hornworm living up to its name.  Not MY tomatoes!!! 🚫🍅🐛 #entomology #caterpillar #tomato
Salvia microphylla x sagittata (Hybrid Blue Arrowleaf Sage) in my garden.  The resident hummingbird has enjoyed several Salvia varieties.  #salvia #blue #flowers
Oenothera speciosa AKA Pink Evening Primrose, Showy evening primrose, Mexican evening primrose, Showy primrose, Pink ladies, Buttercups, Pink buttercups.  This flower is even more prolific than the common names that exist for it.  You’ve probably spotted one in the past several weeks.  #wildflowers #flower #blossom #latergram
Picking out some B&B trees.  Swamp Red Maple (Acer rubrum var. drummondii) #nativeplants #landscaping #horticulturist
Got to board the USS Kearsarge Saturday.  The shear scale of this ship and its aviation equipment was incredible.  Part of Nola Navy Week which overlaps Tall Ships New Orleans.  Always grateful for those whole serve.  #supportourtroops #usskearsarge #tricentennial #followyournola
Got to see Gigi at work the other day. She loves what we’ve done with her yard.  #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram
Curcuma hybrid at NOBG.  AKA Hidden Ginger or Siam Tulip.  Ornamental variety of Turmeric.  #curcuma #ginger #flowers