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Not ashamed of JESUS CHRIST ♡♡♡ #unashamed_of_the_gospel

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Pray for the leaders, shepherds, five fold ministry. Pray🔥
Be like Jesus. Very humble. Doesn't look powerful. Meek. But but but delivers very powerfully. It's not about you but Him #unashamed_of_the_gospel
You have to be you to win your greatest battle. Be authentic. #unashamed_of_the_gospel
#unashamed_of_the_gospel  We got to die daily. Our greatest enemy is self. If we have dominion of ourselves, then the devil has got no chance.
The mirror of God's word, as we look into it, it reveals not our external, physical features but our inward spiritual nature and condition. It reveals to us those things about ourselves which no material mirror can reveal... things which we can never come to know in any other way. #scan #scanner #unashamed_of_the_gospel #thebible #bible #mirror
To be like Christ you got to be disciplined and strict. You got to be strict in prayers, fasting, studying the word and strict with your relationship with Him and Man.  #unashamed_of_the_gospel
Your fasting doesn't make the devil tremble. He trembles because you're finally taking dominion over your own flesh. You can't have domion over the devil if you can't control your own flesh #unashamed_of_the_gospel #fast #fasting #chains
God's commandments are like an umbrella. As long as you stay under the umbrella of God's commands, you'll be shielded from many consequences. If you step out from under that protective cover, however, you should not be surprised if you suffer the consequences. #obedience ☔ #disobedience ❄⚡💧 #unashamed_of_the_gospel  John 14:15 "If you love me, obey my commandments.
To live holy is not something that happens by accident. To be committed to God is not an  involuntary action. Heaven is a place for prepared people. You have to be conscious & disciplined to walk this Christian race. You must choose to change. #unashamed_of_the_gospel
Come to me all who Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest - Jesus #unashamed_of_the_gospel
#unashamed_of_the_gospel #pray
Suicide is of the devil. Fills your thoughts with negativity. At the end, You won't be in heaven  #unashamed_of_the_gospel#death#rip#suicide
Anything that doesn't bring you closer to God is carnal and to be carnally minded is death (Rom 8:6) It's not about the beat, It's not about the lyrics but it's about the spirit behind the song. The fact that It has got Jesus in the lyrics doesn't make it spiritual, it can still be carnal. And if it has nothing to do with JESUS, That's way disqualified. 🔴 #unashamed_of_the_gospel #music #truth