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Passionate about helping others REACH & REALIZE their greatest potential!! Fitness 💪 Foodie 🍏 Freedom🌟 Fashion 👠 Fur Baby 🐶 NPC Figure Athlete 👑👙🏆

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#mondayfeels like... F R E S H 🙌🏻🌟👊🏻 Who’s with me?!? . . . #lastweekofsummer2018 #letsdothis #thefutureisexciting #motivationmonday #staywild
#fridayvibes have me feeling 🙌🏻🔥🤩🥊🖤 Did YOU sweat yet today?!? 💦 What’s your workout?! . . . #fightforit #flexfriday #fightlikeagirl #coredeforceinstructor  #legcheck  #underwatermma  #corvallis #oregon
Look at this outfit LOL!  Yep, put it together myself.. Mom would be oh so proud ❤ . She didn't learn how to swim and I'm not that much better but the LAST days of summer are counting down F.A.S.T. and I have 5 more pool days left before it closes for the summer! . YIKES! We're running out of time girlfriend! . So what are you going to do?!? Don't just let one morning MINDLESSLY, UNPRODUCTIVELY bleed into the next! . How many mornings did you have so far that have added up and counted toward nothing, completely insignificant and didn't make progress? . What are you going to do about it? . Pick up the phone, write that email, do the thing that is going to make the needle move forward in your life. . Take A.C.T.I.O.N. and make it R.E.A.L. . . . #wickisburning #ticktock #everdaycounts #wednesdaywisdom #productivity
“We move forward in life by knowing our goal. But we are happy and free as we go when our happiness is not dependent on reaching that goal.” . . . #headspace #morningview #7pooldaysleft #13daysleftofsummer  #mondaymotivation  #behappy #befree #happiness #goalsaregood
I feel wasted after LEGS HIIT... My quads have never been so tanked!! but this is the look 👀 of excitement after completing my last workout of our #shakeitforsummer 8-week fitness challenge!! . I simply love lifting 🙌🏻 to build a strong, well-rounded physique 💪🏻 and doing it as efficiency as possible. This program has shown me how I was slacking during my rest periods and internal training. And of course, made me finish with a couple rounds of core for good measure 😉 . Our virtual team will be taking a break but we’re going to be ready to start again come 🎃 October 1st. . Are you ready to get back in the game? . Prep starts Sept 24th!! Drop a 👊🏻🖤 below👇🏻to pre-register! . . . #motivation #quadsonfire #bootygains #girlswholift #strongissexy#workoutmotivation #fitgirlsrock #liftweightstoburnfat #buildmusclenotexcuses #healthyliving #fitnessjourney
After reconnecting with a friend who I haven't seen in years... I can’t think of a better way to JUMP START September giving a SHOUT OUT to my newest challenger! . Please help me CONGRATULATE this dad of two @kevingulstrom who joined our 8-week fitness & nutrition challenge in August and not only LOST 6 pounds AND a couple inches off his waist, but he's super inspirational to everyone else by being a positive participant and showing us what he likes to do on his rest days like today!  I know this encourages me and others to stay active on recovery days and that it doesn't mean sitting around all day 😂 and that you need to go out for a hike and enjoy the beautiful weather like we're having today! . Men and women in my challenge groups are learning to BALANCE work, do something healthy for themselves, and the kids are catching on too 🙌🏻 They all start with MAKING the time to prep for a bright future, re-FUELING their bodies, and the thought of inspiring others around them ❤ . Kevin you are such a wonderful role model for your family and I am so happy to be on this journey WITH you every step of the way! . The BEST is still yet to come and I am super excited to see your final results as we kick it up a notch the last 4 weeks of your program! . CHEERS to you Kevin! Thank you for your trust & commitment. Above all thank you for believing in yourself! . You truly are an inspiration to all ❤️ . . . #motivated #positive #energy #excited #prepared #backtoschool #thankfulthursday
Channeling my inner #ufc fighter👊🏻🖤🌟 . . . #backinblack #friday #fightclub #vondasvitness
OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP BAR COOKIES 🙌🏻 These are naturally sweetened with maple syrup and made with whole wheat flour.  They're ooey, gooey, healthy & delicious! 😋 ✖️RECIPE SHARE ✖️🍪🖤 🍃 Ingredients ▪️2 cups whole wheat pastry flour (for Gluten Free option substitute Gluten Free Flour + 1 tsp xanthan gum) ▪️1 cup rolled oats (use certified Gluten Free for GF version) ▪️3/4 cup pure maple syrup ▪️1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil ▪️1/4 cup almond butter ▪️1 tablespoon ground golden flax seed ▪️1/2 cup almond milk ▪️2 teaspoons vanilla ▪️1 teaspoon aluminum free baking powder ▪️1/2 teaspoon sea salt ▪️1 cup chocolate chips 👉 Preparation ▪️Preheat oven to 350 degrees ▪️Combine whole wheat pastry flour, oats, ground flax, baking powder and salt in a large bowl with a wire whisk ▪️Cut the coconut oil and almond butter into the flour mixture ▪️Add pure maple syrup, almond milk, vanilla and chocolate chips ▪️Stir until just combined ▪️Press into an 8×8 pan ▪️Bake for 25–30 minutes or until golden ▪️Let cool for 10–15 minutes then cut into 16 squares ▪️ENJOY 😋 . . . #ilovecookies  #ionlyhadone  #dairyfree #glutenfree #vegan #cookiemonster #mealprep #fitfam #healthlyeating #recipe #timesavor #yum
What’s your prescription? . . . #unstoppable #strong #badasswithagoodass
4 TH  Q U A R T E R 🤩🖤🌟C O U N T D O W N  T O  2 0 1 9 🥂 *************************** ✖️12 WEEKS * 9/17-12/8 ✖️FUN, FRESH WORKOUTS ✖️SEASONAL RECIPES ✖️GIVEAWAYS + PRIZES ✖️DAILY TIPS & SUPPORT *************************** ✖️DROP Q's👇🏻✖️ TO JOIN DM 📲📩 WE START PREP MON, 9/10 . . . #goalsaregood #fitnessover40 #findyourfit #believeinyou #strongisbeautiful #beconfident
“During those times in silence, something is happening... We’re allowing ourselves to let go and feel a little bit lighter.” . And on a positive note to start the week, Zeusie’s Dr check-up turned out wonderful 🙌🏻 He’s down 1.5 lbs y/y and all his vitals look good!! He got a special bath yesterday to help with his skin so it isn’t so flakey which can lead him to loosing his hair.  Noticeable improvement immediately- softer hair and now he’s oh so snugglely!! You see, he is working hard even in silence looking like an angel waiting for Monte to wake up and get his bacon 🥓😂 . . . #nationaldogday #chihuahuasofinstagram  #imadaylate #mondaymotivation  #headspace #littlerascal
#fridayvibes have me feeling like bringing this girl back 👊🏻💥🖤⚡️ . . . #fridayflashback #fightergirl  #braids #kickboxing #mmagirls  #lbcc #backtoschool #fallhair
You get what you put in.. . If you never step out of your comfort zone you’ll never know what COULD happen. . Just past my 3rd year coach-iversary last month, reflecting back #neversawthiscoming . If you want MORE, GIVE MORE 💥👊🏻🖤🙌🏻 . . . #wednesdaywisdom #noexcuses #letsgettowork #trainlikeafighter #workwatchwednesday #workingwomen
This never usually turns out to be a problem... Our neighborhood HOA gym is undergoing Construction 🚧 🔨  But that’s what I LOVE so much about having a #backupplan I’m able to workout from anywhere, even from my 🍎⌚️and today, I’ll be working out 🏋️‍♀️ in my garage sweating it out lifting something heavy to build my strength up for back & bi’s 💪 We gotta Work all the body parts Ladies! Then I’ll be jumping in that pool 🙌 The best reward!! But first, ⚡️ENERGIZE ⚡️ #staycation #day2 #tiptuesday #noexcuses
Day 1/9 #staycation . . . #restday  #goingouttoeat #refeedmeal #saturdaynightfun
3 MOVES for a KICKASS workout 🏋️‍♀️ 🎧 Gear up with comfy clothes and a playlist 👯‍♀️Team up! With a friend near or virtual who inspires you to show up!🔂 Repeat.  Because = RESULTS!  PROUD of the girl @katlincrumbley I see in the mirror! She is committed to making sure she takes the time to take care of herself and her family of four 💗  AANNNDDDD I've stuck to that promise too! No more diving into vats of ice cream LOL 😂  We're wrapping up week #4 of our #shakeitforsummer challenge group and have crushed 15 workouts since starting and already feel SO MUCH STRONGER and leaner too!!! Can't wait to see and hear everyone’s results after the second half!! . . . #consistency #confidence #discipline #fridayvibes #mynewbar #halfwaythere
Yoga 🧘‍♀️ Kickbox 🥊 Swim 🏊‍♀️ Loving my new summertime trifecta workout. . . . #makethedayscount #thankfulthursday  #oregon #firehaze
It’s getting HOT outside 🔥 but we’re over here cooking up plans for our countdown to the New Year 🎃 🦃🎄 🎉 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ and contemplating the opportunity cost of starting your own business to create new jobs and additional streams of income.  The most surprising fact that I've learned recently through my project management continuing education- is that the U.S. doesn't have the highest levels of entrepreneurship!  Zambia does.  Yep, it surprised me too!  Considering the cost of alternatives... shoe shining or being employed at a corporate office and leaving something very rewarding, there's a lot of risk to consider - in dealing, coping and accepting risk.  But it turns out, as opportunity cost decreases, you're more likely to be an entrepreneur.  And with more and more opportunities emerging, the question is... 🤔 Which one are you? 👩‍🍳 Hybrid Entrepreneur 👩‍💻 Women Entrepreneur 📲 Social Entrepreneur  Post below with your Emoji👇  #fundyourpassion #investinyourself #takerisks #opportunitycost #innovation #creativity #thankfulthursday