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I’m all about motivation, positive vibes and lil entertainment too. Passionate in Fitness, Writing and Acting✌️

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“Lightweight baby!” Finished up shoulders day with some shrugs. It all the reps reps reps these days. Getting myself on to a cleaner diet, it is the second week and it’s going good so far. I do feel tired sometimes, but it is part of the grind. Nothing is gonna stop me from reaching my goals. Determined and focused to face anything. To all the challenges out there, Just Bring It💪 . . . #justbringit #fitness #nevergiveup💪 #shrugs #worlddomination #fitfam #undersrmour #projectrock #gymmotivation #gym #worldofgains #snhu #snhu2018 #newhampshire #thecoursehow #riseaboveobstacles #bethebestyou
This was taken in Day 2. There’s an lovely waterfall in the halfway point and I noticed nobody was willing to go any further as it was getting really steep, but y’all know me I said screw it and went deep into the woods. It took an 1 hour to reach the top but it was gorgeous up there. Totally worth it. Oh and after that I ended up in the other side of the mountain and got lost for a bit until few nice people decided to help me out...... Btw, Jack from titanic is well and alive on the left🤫. . . . #unitedstates #waterfall #crawfordnotch #hiking #lost #kindness #jack #fitness #fitfam #cardio #mountains #timberlandboots
The Adventure Continues😎: Currently in the east side of the United States (New Hampshire). I just got back to the “modern lifestyle” after camping for a couple of nights . The place of the campsite is called Crawford notch (that’s where the picture was taken) There’s wasn’t any service or WiFi. All I would hear was weird animals noises and be on the lookout for grizzly bears as we were surrounded by the thick forest. This was a wonderful experience overall and my favorite bit was waking up to beautiful sunrise, mountains and trees around me. It’s something I always wanted to experience. Each day was filled with different mini challenges like getting the fire started or finding our way back after getting lost from hiking. It was back to basics and living of survival instincts. This mini experience put me into the realization of how distracted we can get with technology and other things that’s fueled by ego to put up with society  when all we need is to focus on what our soul or shall I say our mana😉 needs; Peace, Clarity and self-acceptance. When you can achieve these things that’s often overlooked, everything else in life just falls into place. . . . #unitedstates #newhampshire #positivevibes #positivethinking #sacoriver #fitness #peace #clarity #selfacceptance #lovelife #thecoursehow
It was a lovely 2 weeks in Singapore. Catching up with the boys and as always doing stupid things to annoy the hell outta each other. On top of that, met old friends from high school who I have not seen in years. It felt good and at the same I felt a little out of place at first as even though I used to live here. I guess that’s because I’ve gotten accustomed to living a much laid back lifestyle. Nevertheless, I’ve spent a part of life growing here and have found family whom I will forever be grateful for. As long as I got that family (you know who you are☺️), I will always be back to Singapore. So...until next time Ohana!
Back in Singapore and at the gym where it all started for me, Anytime Fitness (Nex). Trust me, I’ve gotten my A$$ whopped in this place more than I can count, but am grateful for that as it plays a key role in who I am today. It was back in 2016, I walked into this place overweight, insecure about my physical appearance and tired of the negative direction I was heading. All I knew was that I’m unhappy with who I was and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to change that. Embraced the journey, took baby steps and stumbled along with the way, but I was surrounded by good people who were kind enough to motivate and guide me. Annddd here we are today years later still grinding and hungry to push the limit and break boundaries as there’s room for tremendous amount of Growth. Well, You can say, I’m just getting started cause I’m nowhere near my best😉 . . . . #anytimefitnessnex #singapore #gym #gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitness #chasegreatness #projectrock #focus #grateful #gainzoclock #gainz #postivity #goodvibesonly #swole #motivationmonday #fitfam #willpower #consistency #effortisattractive #commitment #thecoursehow
Throw back to that time when I decided it was good idea to wear a hoodie when it was about 180 degrees outside and on top of that I had to train legs. Well, I made it out alive, but you can tell by the look on my face that I was seeing unicorns and rainbows🤪. Yea I could have stopped and had it easy, but then again mama didn’t raise no quitter😎.
Back to a.m training, international chest day was a bang as the long weekend filled with amazing food gave me super strength💪. It’s probably all the carb overload, but hey there’s no guilt as we gonna put in the work to burn em up. You could say I love to the get the best of both worlds😁. I guess just enjoy the journey you are in, don’t let guilt or the attitude of being over critical ruin your state of mind. Remember, There’s an ridiculous amount of patience required when it comes to achieving anything at life, so continue putting in effort and in time you’ll reach the goals. And Eid Mubarak to all!! . . #mondaymotivation #underarmour #projectrock #chasegreatness #chestday #sevenbucksprods #fitness #nopainnogain #putinthework #noturningback #neversatisfied #nevergiveup #goldsgym #southernnewhampshireuniversity #snhu #justbringit #fitnessmotivation #forthegains
Some light weight box 📦 squats with high reps to burn up the quads and glutes😎. Been adding a lot of these fun stuff🤐 recently and it’s been working pretty well..... Training legs maybe more draining than any other muscle group, but that is no excuse to skip it. Isn’t that right @izzhairi ?? . . . #legday #fitness #gym #fit #motivation #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #fitfam #gymlife #fitnessaddict #squats #legs  #instafit #gymshark #workout #fitnessjourney #fitspo #instafitness #fitnessmodel #bodybuilder #fitlife #aesthetics #gymmotivation  #strong #squat #exercise #underarmour #goldsgym
Find what you love....and don’t let it kill you, but rather allow it to build you😉
“Do what others won’t today, so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t” . . #fitness #motivation #forthegains #glorioushouseofgains #goldsgym #gymshark #gymmotivation #minibiceps💪🏼 #bose #soundsport #underarmour #projectrock #positivevibes #postivity #majorkey #believeinyourself #grind
Back at Gold’s doing what we always do best and today was a killer. But then there was Erika being an absolute beast doing some curls and flexing. That actually made me push myself a little bit more than usual cause of the positive energy she brought in; Her effort motivated me to give a 110% (And guys... no, I did not go extra hard to impress her cause that’s not how I roll😎😝). Eventually we had mini convo in between sets and learned that she’s a cabin crew who competes time to time, while also helping individuals reach their fitness goals. That’s an inspiration right there!
Be the hero of your own story. Focus on your vision, grind forward and never let anything or anyone get in the way of your goals. I believe each and every single one of y’all are capable of overcoming your individual obstacles as y’all are #buildforgreatness ; so #believe #grind #achieve
This mini journey of mine to India has changed me forever. It has been a humbling trip that allowed me to see the simplicity of life and how you don’t need much to live and be happy. I’ve gotten to know many locals who may not be living a life that’s sophisticated as ours, but they are genuinely happy with their life. The people there are the real examples of how happiness can be found in least expected places; In  kindness, in family and friends, in freedom, in proving the naysayers wrong and even from one’s own heart happiness can be attained. It’s in all those little things that usually is under-appreciated, the beauty of life lies.
Well...I just had to do it😁 Happy 21st Birthday mannn.
Different kind of pretty, but what caught the most attention was the cyclist, he got hell lot of space around, but he had to ride with the cars and motorbikes. I’ve been going around on a scooter 🛵 to different parts of the city and country sides, feeling the wind hit me, watching the greenery is just amazing. Oh and night riding is one fun experience cause there’s barely any street lights.  #scooter #thecoursehow
Visited the Shore temple at Mahabalipuram which was build about 1,400 years ago (7th century). The place represents Hinduism and Architectural works of “The Pallava Dynasty. It was both amazing and fascinating. Thinking about all the history, the people, the legends, myths and the meaning this place holds to thousands, if not millions of people is just wicked crazy. Now, I did wander off 🤫 because what’s the fun in “safe” paths and following tour guides.  There was slight rock climbing; too many slippery rocks to look out for tho. A great experience and a must visit place for everyone looking to visit South India.
I can tick this off my bucket list after a long time. It was excited to ride a horse and I believe I handled her better than I expected. Another experience that I can never forget😎❤️
“Let’s go on a adventure!” Currently in the south side of India. Went from Chennai to Tiruchirappalli to be exact. It was a 6 hour road trip which was filled with nature and ancient temples. It just feels so different to be here (in a good way tho). Being away from the everyday hassle of modernity and to be in a simpler world is uplifting to my spirit. It is #beautiful