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📍CO 🏳️‍🌈 👮🏻‍♀️🐺💣 ☞All I’ve ever learned from love is how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya☜ ☼ @onlyhuman %15↠OHKarissaa

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Dano busted my lip with his fat head. That was the tempo of this shift with Sam Smith “Palace” on repeat. 🙃
Had to trade in my @bangsshoes for boots for a little while. This isn’t a normal adventure but it’s a fun one with Dano by my side or should I say wrapped around me 😂🐾 #24seven * * * * * #bangsblitzday #bangsshoes #livebangs #bangsblitz
Day 23
Day 17: Thank you for being patient while Dano and I build sandcastles here in the desert for awhile 🕌
Day 15: What’s more patriotic than MWD Dano wearing a @plumties American bow tie? #madeinamerica #doitforthekong #doyouevenmalinois
Day 14: I will have a walking handstand by the time I come home. For now I can push off the wall for about 5-10 seconds 😅 * * * * Right now I do these pike press ups with and without the box. Any other suggestions on how to strengthen my handstands???
Day 1: So unbelievably lucky that when I come back, I’ll be coming back home to you two 💕Keep Colt safe and warm for me would ya @apetersburg4? The time will fly sugar britches, I swear! See ya later USA, heeelllloooo sandbox 🤙🏼🇺🇸
☽The strong are unbothered☼ * * * * * * #chapsticklesbian #gaypride #girlswhokissgirls #alwaysproud #outthecloset #girlfriendappreciation #mygirl #mineallmine
Saying “see you later” yet again and of course I’m crying bc I’ll always love my day one brothers the most...
I’ll summit up nicely, I adore the mountains outside my window ⛰ #bangsblitz @bangsshoes @bangsambassadors #livebangs
“If your birthday doesn’t end as weird as mine did...” - @boepeep01 😅 I love you guys💕