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what gives you peace?  ____________________________________________________________ [ 📸 @anthonymarkvs #peaceofmind #noworries #mindset #letgoandletgod ]
What’s an excuse that holds you back? ———————————————————- “We think the things that stop us from what we want are other people, the lack of resources, lack of money, the lack of skill, all these walls that keep you from moving forward. What if the walls that stopped us were created by us. Excuses to protect our comfort and the only way to get past them, was to let them go.” 🎥: @swaggabob
Would you rather live in a city penthouse or a house on the beach?
Ukulele boy 😂 #makeeverysecondcount #ad
throwback to the time I found a wild jackfruit or jaca 😂 hahaha - Imagine what the world looked like before humans put their footprint here. -In the last 40 years we’ve lost half our wildlife. In the last 80 Years, We’ve lost 93% Of Variety In Our Food Seeds.  Thank you @jayprints 🎨
What are your thoughts on social media? 📱
What’s the point of connecting people around the world, if everyone is isolated. I challenge you to introduce yourself to one person in the comments. You never know where your next friend could come from :)
You only have one life 🎮❤️ don’t waste it worrying about how other people look or live. Go play your own game haha
What are you thankful for? :)
I was walking through the mall and all these kids were playing in this water spraying out of the ground hahaha they looked so happy I had to join in.. 😂
good morning