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Lauren ॐ


Writer, artist & wannabe explorer 🌍 24. Bristol/Malaga/Gibraltar.🌵🌊🌞🏔 Art account: @laurenellis_art

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The most beautiful sight in the world
Stormy skies
Last night was lovely + full of flamenco dancing + late night bike rides through the city
Have I even been to my Granny’s if I don’t spend all my time looking through old photographs? (I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but her study is one of my favourite places in the world)
On a rainy train ride home + reflecting on how strange and slightly sad it was to say goodbye to my childhood home today. I’m still covered in paint + aching and I loved helping my parents out, but it was surreal to redecorate the rooms we spent so many afternoons in, or gloss the stairs my siblings and I used to slide on our bums down. We haven’t lived here for a long time (Spain and Bristol have since become home to me, too) but I’m waking up to the reality it won’t be ours for much longer. There was always a comfort in knowing it was there. That I could come back and touch it and breathe it in and remember. Idk, I’ve never been very good at letting go (of people, places or things) and I may never climb the apple tree again, mark my height on the walls or sleep in my old bedroom, but as was so rightly pointed out to me earlier: it’ll be lovely for another family to move in and fill the house with love + life again. #imasoppygitsoz
Sat under a tree, reading a book so beautiful I don’t ever wanna finish it. Simple things
Craving Gambas Pil Pil and Estepona evenings
soft spot for concrete sunsets
Estepona’s flowerpot-lined steets are my favourite
There’s nowhere quite like Gibraltar ❤️
See you soon Bristol bbz, next stop España 👋🏼✈️
Kinda sky I wish I could climb into
Blessed to live in such a welcoming city + to be part of such an inclusive community. Love is love is love is love #bristolpride
St. Paul’s was something else ❤️
One of my favourite views in Bristol (I have a weird affection for Colston Tower and I’m not sure why)
Books, sunshine and trees: what more does a girl need?
Motion destroyed my liver but was worth it to spend time with these lovelies